What Is DxB?

DxB (Design Exchange Boston) is a week of events and experiences celebrating the impact of design. Our goal is to explore the ideas, work, and strategies currently shaping our culture.

Join a unique collaboration of design organizations — AIGA, AIA, IIDA, ASID, DMB, BSA, IFDA, IDSA, SEGD, IxDA, and others — as we brand Boston as a 21st-century city shaped by creative economy. DxB welcomes a diverse audience of entrepreneurs, professionals, students, educators, retailers, makers & manufacturers, tourists, and the design-savvy public.


+ Demonstrate design as an integral component of our social and economic communities

+ Showcase Boston as a city led by design, thereby attracting and retaining top creative talent

+ Encourage collaboration among design organizations

+ Educate the public on the diverse ways design affects day-to-day life

+ Share the design work of innovative individuals, organizations, and businesses

+ Facilitate our creative economy and stimulate growth in our region

+ Create opportunities for networking, dialogue, and access across disciplines and communities


Collaboration: Something magical happens when two or more people strive for outcomes they can’t achieve independently. Collaboration-inspired events introduce us to designers working with unexpected people in unexpected ways.

Diversity: Good ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. Diversity-inspired events connect us with designers from varied backgrounds and unique experiences.

Greater Good: Designers are now at the forefront of elevating the human experience. Greater Good-inspired events motivate us through the work of designers finding new solutions to social challenges and community advancement.

Quality: The standard by which we measure good design is constantly evolving. Emerging designers and seasoned professionals are pushing the envelope to elevate the form and function of our world. Quality-inspired events challenge us to raise the bar.

Bravery: There are some who dare to take on challenges that defy the odds. They forge new paths and see opportunity in failure. Bravery-inspired events prod us to take risks and view failure as progress.