All about Ibn Battuta

In world history, we see many Muslim scholars, scientists, travelers, and poet. These great personalities made remarkable discoveries. Such discoveries have the significant impact on our lives. From invention of zero to date we can see many developments done by Muslims. Ibn e Sina, Ibn Battuta, Khwarizmi and many others. In this article, we will study in detail about Ibn Battuta.

Who was Ibn Battuta?

Ibn Battuta was a traveler as well scholar. His complete name is Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Ibn Battuta. He belongs to an Islamic family who has high command on legal issues. He was born in Morocco on 25th February 1304. His family background is linked to Berber Descent. He got his early education in Islamic laws. At the age of 20 years, he chooses to travel as his career. His first journey was a pilgrim of Mecca and a trip that took him 20 months to complete. He didn’t return for about 24 years. During his trip, he stayed in India too. There he worked as a judge due to his expands knowledge of Islamic law.

Achievements of Ibn a Battuta:

We all know that Ibn e Battuta was a traveler. He used to travel a lot. It was his love for touring that he didn’t return home for 24 years. Moreover, he is the only one who went to all the regions where Muslim ruler rules at that time. He went for about 75000 miles in his life. According to some historians, he has traveled more than any other traveler of that time not, even more, polo.

Books of Ibn Battuta:

He used to write many books on his experiences. One of his was dictated by him. His famous books include Ibn Battuta in Black Africa, A Traves Del Islam, The Safar name I Ibn BATUTA  And other books.Besides his books, people used to write books on his life and travels. Some the most popular book is The Travels of Ibn Battuta, Ibn Battuta Travels in Asia and Africa.

The Rihla:

Ar Rihla is Arabic word which means travel. This is alternative of the term for a quest for spreading divine knowledge of Islam. This term is also used to show travelers experience. This term is used for traveling experiences of high Islamic traveler “Ibn e Battuta.” He used to go from 1304 to 1369.Rihla is divided into three parts, i.e., Rihla, Rihla Hijaziyya, Rihla Safari ya. Rihla is so important that it is f or political leaders and travelers of that time.

Journey to Mecca:

Journey to Mecca is films based on Ibn Battuta`s experience of traveling abroad towards Mecca. The movie was filmed in Mecca and Morocco and is telling the story of first 18 months. He started his travel alone but later on joined some carven. He intends to join caravan so to be saved from pirates.